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An event for those who seek practical knowledge and qualified networking.

Promoted annually by CAM-CCBC since 2014, the Congress aims to address the today and the tomorrow of arbitration, the most widely adopted method for solving complex commercial disputes worldwide.

Without digression, we will deal with practical aspects of arbitration and its most relevant challenges. Renowned professionals from various nationalities will discuss the evolution of the method and the most complex business disputes inserted in a constantly changing commercial scenario.

Through the exclusive platform, which will be used to broadcast the event, the participants will have access to a tool that allows them to network with other fellow delegates during the talks.


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Institutional Support

The CAM-CCBC Arbitration Congress is an initiative brought to you by:

CAM-CCBC is the most traditional arbitration and mediation centre in Brazil. Focused on the administration of complex and large commercial disputes, it has highly qualified technical staff, based on internal procedures certified by ISO 9001. CAM-CCBC is the Brazilian arbitration institution with the largest projection abroad, serving companies from several countries the best practices of international arbitration, mediation and other ADRs.

The São Paulo Arbitration Week (SPAW) is a collaborative event conceived as an organized calendar for law firms, universities, associations and institutions to promote events in a productive environment in benefit of the development of ADRs.

The event is an opportunity for the ever-growing arbitration community in São Paulo to discuss pressing issues and to exchange experiences with foreign practitioners.

São Paulo has experienced an unprecedented growth in ADRs. Friendly Courts, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a demanding market forged São Paulo as a natural hub for International Arbitration.

Therefore, and considering the wide range of events happening in October connected to the subject, SPAWs role is to facilitate and gather all the information concerning these events.

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